Set Objectives

Recovery Time Objective

How long can your business go without accessing its critical systems/servers?

Recovery Point Objective

How much production time (data) on those servers are you willing to lose?

Recovery Process

  • How much data is on your critical business systems?
    Critical systems are the systems essential to your business operations
  • How often do you currently backup these systems?
    The amount of time between each backup
  • How long does is take to prepare your systems for recovery?
    This is the amount of time that it will take you to initiate the recovery / restore process
  • Are you recovering data from a local network or the cloud?
    This affects the speed at which the data is recovered
Downtime Costs
  • How many employees would be affected if the critical systems failed?
  • What is the average wage of an employee using these systems?
  • What is the overhead cost of these employees?
    Taxes, benefits, insurance, vacation pay, equipment, etc.
  • What is the revenue generated per hour of these employees?
    This is calculated by dividing a firm's revenue for a particular time period by its total number of workers

Total Cost to Business


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