SecureSync Business-Class File Sharing

Why SaveITSafely® Business-Class File Sharing?Business Class File Sharing

SaveITSafely® SecureSync offers affordable business-class file sharing for small, medium and enterprise-class businesses.

Bill Gates once said, “the Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” We have access to a fascinating tool that allows people, near and far, to connect, collaborate and pass information faster than ever before.

But the ability to quickly and easily transfer information also brings about threats of data loss and security breaches that can cause complete disruption to your company.

Without advanced policies, secure transit and control over your documents your valuable corporate data can end up in the hands of ex clients, employees or data thieves.


Universal File SyncSYNC

Universal synchronization of files, folders and backups gives you access your data at anytime on the web and across approved mobile and desktop devices.

Simple Business File SharingSIMPLE

Easy, rapid deployment of managed file sharing for employees and guest users. Throttled or continuous real-time backup and sync works in the background without slow you down.

Secure File SharingSECURE

Security feature rich, including: 256-bit AES encryption, file/folder locking, file retention and expiration, versioning and remote wipe of lost, stolen or retired devices.

SaveITSafely® SecureSync allows you to collaborate with colleagues and peers with increased control over your data.

Skip emailing documents, VPN and FTP file sharing and opt in to a secure and simple file sharing tool!

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