Disaster Recovery Plan (DRaaS)

Disaster Recovery Plan – Mind the Gap!

Disaster Recover Plan“The Gap” is the distance between the requirements of your disaster recovery plan and the actual resources you have to recover your business after a disaster.

Availability Gaps occur when businesses cannot deliver uptime that meets SLA promises. Gaps cause prolonged downtime, productivity and profit loss – and can be extremely expensive.

Nobody wants to worry about the worst-case-scenario, but with a survival rate of less than 10%, most companies without an effective disaster recovery plan are forced out of business within 2 years of experiencing major data loss.

A fully managed backup solution, together with a disaster recovery plan, can help restore mission-critical data in the event of system failure, natural disaster or human error. It can also help protect your business against: corrupt, inaccessible or lost files, lost or stolen devices, hardware or operating system failure, as well as fire, flood, electric and other natural disasters.

Consider the implications of total disruption. How much time and money would go into obtaining and organizing business data after a disaster? How much revenue would be lost if your employees had limited or no access to files, applications and databases?

Do you know how long your business can afford to be down without going out of business?

Calculate your cost of downtime


Storage: Secure Data ProtectionDATA PROTECTION

With verified data protection, you can feel confident that you are doing everything to ensure files, apps, and servers are recoverable when you need them.

advanced-testing-reportingADVANCED TESTING

Advanced testing and monitoring identifies small issues before they become big problems. Testing also helps to avoid deployment complications and downtime.

Fast Recovery SpeedsFASTER RECOVERY

Achieve an RTO and RPO of minutes instead of hours (or longer!). With access to all of your data, all of the time, you can expect more productivity and a higher ROI.


Small Business Disaster Recovery Plan
Mid-Sized Business Disaster Recovery Plan
Enterprise Class Disaster Recovery Plan


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