Managed Print

Managed Print ServicesOutsourcing Print and Copy Services

Did you know that operating and procuring print, copy, scan and fax assets can consume up to 3% of revenues?

According to CompTIA research, “98 percent of U.S. workers printed at least once during the past quarter. More than half of companies categorize their print volumes as moderate to very high.”

Why Businesses are Turning to Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services (MPS) help businesses achieve an enhanced workflow, while combatting the rising costs of business operations. It has evolved from simply administering print output to aligning your print environment with efficiency, scalability, and financial goals.

Managed Print Services
Increased Productivity

Print directly from your smartphone, tablet or laptop with mobile printing. Significantly reduce printer downtime and employee’s time spent on support through proactive maintenance and device monitoring.

Managed Print ServicesMonitored and Managed

Monitor your toner level to automate the shipment of replacement toner before you run out – eliminating the need for on-site storage. Digitalize and store your businesses documents. Security protocols protect your devices from unauthorized access to confidential data and printed content.

Environmentally Friendly PrintingEnvironmentally Friendly

More efficient management of your output device fleet can reduce energy consumption, cost of consumables, and cut down on waste. Monitor device lifecycles helps you plan for the replacement (recycling) of your equipment.

Budgeting for ITCost Savings & ROI

Moving from in-house print and copy management to a managed print solution can trim these costs by up to 30% with finance options including: cost-per-page, level page and lease buy-out. Keep the devices you have today as needed, helping minimize capital expenditure.

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