Small Business Disaster Recovery

Small Business Disaster Recovery Solutions

Small Business Disaster RecoveryWhy is Small Business Disaster Recovery Important?

Small business disaster recovery is important because your employees depend on large amounts of corporate data stored on their desktops, laptops and mobile devices in order to do their job.

Imagine the repercussions your business would face if one or more of those devices failed, were lost, stolen, or experienced a natural disaster (such as fire, flood or electrical damage).

The data that resides on these systems are critical for the survival of any business, but small businesses are the most at risk for data loss, security breaches and other everyday computing disasters.

Until now, backup and recovery solutions have been too costly for small businesses to use effectively. Today there is a Disaster Recovery solution that you can use to backup your data and recover it in the event of hardware failure, file corruption or accidental deletion.

Small Business DRaaS DiagramHow Small Business DRaaS Works

Small Business Disaster Recovery Solutions are ideal for companies with 1 – 10 users.


  1. Choose files and folders you would like to backup
  2. Run a full backup of the chosen files to two media types (On-Premise and Hard Drive/Tapes/etc.)
  3. Schedule incremental backups to copy new or changed data
  4. Your files are compressed and deduplicated to save on storage space
  5. Rotate 3 copies of your hard drive / tape storage; keeping one version off-site at all times


Choose from three types of Data Recovery:

  • Bare-Metal: Recover entire system to any compatible device
  • Volume-Level: Recover failed hard drive or partition
  • File-Level: Recover individual files

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Small Business Cloud Storage and File Sharing

Securely backup, access and share corporate files. SecureSync is an affordable web-based application that allows businesses to sync corporate data across desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

File Sync

Business File Sync
Choose files and folders to sync from your desktop, laptop or mobile device to the cloud – then access it on any approved device or through our easy-to-use web application.

File Sharing

Business Class File Sharing
Upload, share and modify files and folders with your colleagues, clients and/or team members. Set policies and sharing rules to help protect corporate files. Wipe lost or stolen devices.

Cloud Backup

Business Cloud Backup
Backup, encrypt and compress critical files and folders to the cloud with flexible recovery such as: current version, point-in-time and location-specific.

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