Mid-Sized Business Disaster Recovery

Data Availability: Online Backup

Why Mid-Sized Business Disaster Recovery is ImportantMid-Sized Business Disaster Recovery

Business managers are under a lot of pressure to generate productivity from their employees.

In the event of unexpected or prolonged downtime, employees do not have access to the data and applications they need to perform.

Managing IT is a time-consuming task that can be very overwhelming. With only 78% success rate of RTO (recovery time objectives) and RPO (recovery point objectives) legacy backups do not offer businesses the availability, reliability and simplicity they need.

Switching from legacy backups to a disaster recovery plan will help you optimize and protect your computing environment, and help you feel confident in knowing that your data is safe so that you can focus on growing your business.

How Mid-Sized Business DRaaS Works

Mid-Sized Business Disaster Recovery Solutions are ideal for companies with 11 – 250 users (or up to 6 sockets) with Virtual Environments.

Mid-Size Business DRaaS Diagram
  1. Create an IMAGE BACKUP of all virtual machines
  2. Save THREE COPIES: source data, on premise storage* and in the cloud.
  3. VM REPLICATION on premise for availability and in the cloud for security.
  4. AUTOMATE full, incremental and/or differential backups to run as often as you need them.
  5. Data is transferred SECURELY over TLS / SSL through a single point with end-to-end encryption.
  6. Traffic and bandwidth reduction through built-in WAN ACCELERATION and Call-One® Internet Services.
  7. TEST and SIMULATE failover – giving you confidence your Disaster Recovery Solution will work.
  8. Receive monitoring REPORTS for complete visibility on all successful and failed backups, consumption and data accessibility.
  9. Remote to the DISASTER RECOVERY site through a secure web portal to perform partial or full-site failover to restore normal business operations in the event of a disaster.
    • Fast Recovery of files, emails, Active Directory, databases and more
    • Instant VM and File-Level Recovery
    • Hard-Deleted Item Recovery
    • Precise Point-in-Time Recovery

*Enhanced tape integration and end-user backup options available

LOGIX helps you get your data offsite and into the cloud without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining a secondary Disaster Recovery site.

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Business-Class Cloud Storage and File Sharing

Securely backup, access and share corporate files. SecureSync is an affordable web-based application that allows businesses to sync corporate data across desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

File Sync

Business File Sync
Choose files and folders to sync from your desktop, laptop or mobile device to the cloud – then access it on any approved device or through our easy-to-use web application.

File Sharing

Business Class File Sharing
Upload, share and modify files and folders with your colleagues, clients and/or team members. Set policies and sharing rules to help protect corporate files. Wipe lost or stolen devices.

Cloud Backup

Business Cloud Backup
Backup, encrypt and compress critical files and folders to the cloud with flexible recovery such as: current version, point-in-time and location-specific.

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Need more? Try our Enterprise-Class DRaaS. Need less? Small Business DRaas is ideal for companies with up to 10 users.